Next Gen Ministry at ICC Imara Model

To Explore-Nurture-Release each child as they grow and go through every stage of their lives through age-appropriate and relevant ways of teaching.

Our Motto

To raise a generation that is grounded in the Word of God and passionately live Christ-like lives

Our Aim

To nurture a generation of teenagers who will profess the Christian faith at all times

Our classes/age groups

We have classes that are grouped in age clusters, starting from 1 year to 13 years.

Our Ministry groups:

Nursery, Toddlerz, 6ninerz, Rockerz & Ropes


Covers ages 1 and 2 years


Covers ages 3-5 years


Covers ages 6-9years


Cover ages 10-13 years


Cover ages 13 - 14 years


ROPES is a Christ-Centered transition program for pre-teens (13 - 14 years).  It is an experiential discipleship program that focuses on the final year of primary school (or equivalent) that runs for a year to develop character, competence, compassion, confidence, courage, and connection with God.

This is a journey that transitions them from childhood to adulthood. The program involves the church, the parent, and the child. The parent’s involvement is very critical and by registering you are also committing to the journey through the monthly parents’ meetings and following up with your Roper.

The total cost for the Ropes program is Kshs. 23,000/- and you are required to make an upfront payment of Kshs. 5,000/- registration fee. Registration for the next intake will be in Dec 2022.